Series ABM D

ABM D series are simple and reliable multi-tube packaging machines suitable for packing of various loose (sugar, salt, coffee, spices etc.) and liquid goods (ketchup, olive oil etc.) into stickpacks or flat bags. According to the packed product the packaging machine is equipped with suitable dosing equipment.

Bags are made from an endless roll of heat sealable packing material. The foil is cut into individual narrow strips according to the number of tubes (except one-lane packaging machine), all strips are sealed lengthwise and make sleeves. This sleeve is sealed by a cross jaw and a precise dose of packed goods is filled through a tube.

Pair of cross jaws seals it transversely and the bags are cut off by integrated blade, bags fall onto an exit conveyor that transports the bags for further handling (cartoning station, carton box, completion etc.).

All parts that come into contact with goods of food character are made of stainless steel AISI 304 (upon a special request also in AISI 316L).

This series is popular for it favourable price, was developed special for sugar packing and is also offered at a bargain price as a set including packaging machine, dosing equipment, exit conveyor and spare parts, is suitable for production with small batches.

The packaging machine can be combined with other optional accessories.


  • simple, reliable, flexible, fully automated, multi-tube vertical packaging machine   
  • varnished or stainless steel frame
  • electro-pneumatic drive   
  • Festo control system provides fast and easy operation   
  • bag length settings mechanically in mm, electronic setting as option with servo drive
  • easy conversion to other formats (more tubes, different bag width)
  • AISI 304 stainless steel finish (or AISI 316L upon customer´s request) meeting hygiene food contact requirements
  • safety focus – in-built door safety feature, central emergency stop button, main switch
  • heat sealing
  • cross seal raster type - linear grooving
  • attractive and compact design
  • minimal maintenance requirements
  • suitable for operations with lower volume
Maximum foil width:220 mm
Bag dimensions:width 10-48,5 mm, adjustable length 50-130 mm
Number of tubes:1-8, depending on bag width
Maximum output:50 cycles/min. (depending on packed product), up to 400 bags/min.
Bag types:stickpack, flat, flat boiling, with euro hole, 3 sides sealed
Control systems:FESTO
Weigth:300 kg with dosing equipment
Cross sealed:linear grooving, diamond design
packed product types:loose (powder, granules), liquid
Recommended foil type:40-60 g/m2 paper + 12-20 g/m2 PE