ABG series are fully automatic reliable single-tube vertical packaging machines for bulk packing of loose and small piece products (such as wooden pellets, flour) into PE foil bags. Packs are made of a flat sheet of foil that surrounds the tube over a forming collar. Foil is vertically sealed by cross sealing jaws. A dose is filled through a tube into the created hose with sealed and folded bottom.

After the hose is pulled for the appropriate length the bag is closed and cut by cross jaws driven by servomotor. Individual packs fall onto an exit conveyor and are transported for further manipulation (palletizing, wrapping etc.). The packaging machine is possible to combine with other optional accessories. The packaging machines output is dependent on the used packing material and packed product type.


highly efficient, reliable, flexible, fully automated, single-tube vertical packaging machine

varnished sturdy frame

electro-pneumatic drive

Siemens control system provides fast and easy operation

possibility to store parameters for different products or packaging features

bag length settings on control panel in mm

easy conversion to other formats (different bag width)

packaging machine is available in non-food execution, upon customer´s request may be executed in stainless steel AISI 304 or AISI 316L

safety focus – in built door safety feature, central emergency stop button, main switch

impulse sealing – ROPEX (sealing wire temperature regulation)

cross seal raster type – smooth

adjustable pressure of pulling belts

end of foil sensor, easy and quick fastening of new foil reel, automatic foil centering by sensors

attractive, modern and compact design

minimal maintenance requirements

Technical Data

Maximal foil width 1220 mm
Bag measurements width 300-500 mm, lenghtdo 1000 mm
Number of tubes 1
Maximal output 2-6 cycles/min.
Bag type PE bulk bag with folded bottom, PE bulk bag with folded bottom with handle
Control systems SIEMENS
Drive electropneumatical, mechanical
Weight 2200 kg
Cross seal smooth
Type of packed goods loose (powder, granules), small pieces
Recommended foil type LDPE 90-100 mí