Vertical stickpack machine

From small semi-automatic machines to fully automatic packaging lines

BLAŽEK is a leading manufacturer of vertical automatic packaging machines and complete packaging lines and supplies to the whole world. BLAZEK specializes in the design and manufacture of packaging machinery, handling equipment and other accessories (dosing equipment for bulk and liquid products, dosing pumps, filling and exit conveyors and much more) for single portions packing into stickpacks, pyramidal or flat bags. Packaging machines are suitable for packing of loose (sugar, salt, coffee, instant cream, tea etc.), liquid (ketchup, dressings, mustard, mayonnaise, honey, drugstore goods etc.) or for products of non-food origin (wood pellets, drugstore goods, gaskets etc.). Customer satisfaction and quality of our manufactured packaging machinery is the main goal of BLAZEK company. We choose an individual approach to the customer and solve his specific requirements, preparing "tailor-made" offers according to his requirements, wishes and needs. We provide delivery, installation and service of our packaging machines and accessories in warranty and post-warranty period, manufacturing of spare parts and rebuilding packaging machines (different size, different number of tubes). We also focus on full automation of packaging segments in the food industry, deliver complete packaging lines, including cartoning device, date printers and other appropriate accessories.

Why BLAŽEK machines?

Modular construction

Machine design according to requirements

Innovative bag shapes and bag production

Reliability and long life

Our Models

The basic program of BLAZEK company is the design and manufacture of efficient packaging machinery and other accessories. Packaging machines are offered in the following series: ABM EN, ABM D, ABM N, PBM-X, ABG, AMT, PBT, APK, Doublestick and Tstix. We always recommend a suitable type of packaging machines, including accessories for the desired packed product. Packaging machines of lower class (e.g. ABM D) are attractive particularly for customers with lower performance demands by its simplicity and interesting low price. Packaging machines of higher class (e.g. ABM EN) are characterized by their reliability, high performance and versatility in the packed product types.

Automatic packaging machines are controlled by Siemens control systems and are driven by electro-pneumatic drive. Packaging machines are characterized by their reliability and versatility, control is user-friendly and hassle free, conversions to another format are very fast and uncomplicated. Packaging machinery can be delivered completely in stainless steel finish for food packaging.

ABM D Series

Simple and reliable, multi-tube packaging machine...


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ABM EN Series

High performance, reliable, fully automated, multi-tube vertical packaging machine...


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ABG Series

Fully automated reliable single tube vertical packaging machine...


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AMT Series

High efficiency, automatic, vertical, merhtube packaging machine...


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PBM-X Series

Powerful automatic vertical packing machine...


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PBT Series

High performance, reliable automatic vertical packaging machines...


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Doublestick Series

High performance, reliable, fully automated, multi-tube vertical packaging machine...


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