PBM-X series is highly efficient automatic vertical packaging  machines suitable for single portion packing of loose (powder, granules), liquid and small piece products into stickpacks, flat or pyramidal bags and according to the packed product type are equipped with a suitable dosing device.

When the bag is pulled for the set length is the bag closed by couple of cross jaws pairs rotated by 90 ° and separated by a built-in blade. Bags fall onto an exit conveyor and are transported for further handling. To change the bag type can be easily set from the control panel automatically. All parts that may come into contact with packed product of food nature are manufactured from food safe stainless steel AISI 304.

The advantage of this packaging machine is easy conversion of the bag format (bag width), which is especially suitable for marketing purposes and small volume orders. Packaging machine can be combined with other optional accessories.


highly efficient, reliable, flexible, fully automated, single-tube vertical packaging machine

varnished or stainless steel sturdy frame

electro-pneumatic drive

Siemens/Allen Bradley/Telemecanique control systems provide fast and easy operation

possibility to store parameters for different products or packaging features

bag length settings mechanically in mm 

due to easy conversion to other formats (different bag width) is this packaging machine also ideal for marketing samples and small volume productions

AISI 304 stainless steel finish

meeting hygiene food contact requirements

safety focus – in-built door safety feature, central emergency stop button, main switch

sealing – heat (standard), impulse, ultrasound

cross seal raster types - linear grooving, diamond design

end of foil sensor, easy and quick fastening of new foil reel, automatic foil centering by sensors

simple control and operation

attractive and compact design

minimal maintenance requirements

Technical Data

Maximal foil width 300 mm
Bag measurements width 16,5-170 mm, adjustable length 50-250 mm
Number of tubes 1
Maximal output 60 cycles/min. (depending on packed product), 60 bags/min.
Bag type pyramidal, pyramidal boiling, stickpack, flat, flat boiling, flat with euro hole – 3 sides sealed
Control systems SIEMENS
Drive electropneumatical
Weight 1050 kg w/o dosing equipment
Cross seal linear grooving, diamond design
Type of packed goods loose (powder, granule), small pieces
Recommended foil type customers' choice