As Tecnovac’s steadfast core-business, the automatic traysealers for medium production have always been standard-setting in the preformed tray packaging market.

These machines, renowned for their incredible longevity, are designed to last in aggressive environments and operate continuously over several shifts. The simple and intuitive interface, combined with basic maintenance, make it the best choice for the majority of end users.

Thanks to the Athena’s strong stainless steel structure, easy maintenance and conformity to hygienic requirements, this machine is ideal for use in small and medium sized companies. One of the more important aspects of this machine is the possibility to use the moulds of the semi-automatic machine model Olympia on the Athena.

The aluminium mould, is made each time according to the customer's requests in order to obtain absolute precision in the details of the packaging.

The machine is available in different versions:
Athena S: Only sealing
Athena VG: Sealing and MAP
Athena VG-SKIN: Sealing / MAP / SKIN
Athena H250: For trays up to 250mm high
Athena Dual Drive: Double chamber version which can have two identical moulds to double productivity
Athena Lid: Hybrid machine that fully automatically seals and lids pre-formed cups and trays


The different versions of the Athena machine make it a flexible solution for the customer.

The Athena Dual Drive can work with two identical moulds or with two different moulds, which can be selected from the PLC based on which you need to use. This function makes the machine much more flexible and reduces stoppage time of the machine. The price-quality combination and Tecnovac’s high quality standards make this machine the best solution to improve productivity.

Athena LID is essentially a combination of our best selling traysealer with an automatic lidding system developed internally by us. It achieves total reliability and precision.

The chambers, which are separate from each other, recognize the presence of containers and proceed accordingly. The maximum production output is the same as the Athena traysealer that it stems from.

The intuitive interface and the quick format change make the machine easy to use and highly flexible


Additional infeed loading area can be included

Denester for automatic trays denesting can be added, as well as volumetric dosing systems and vibrating stations

Red pump for oxygen > 21%

Liquid/powder filter