The Olympia PRO model has been developed to easily pack food in pre-formed trays.

The semiautomatic configuration with the rotary table and the two vacuum chambers, maximizes the production! In fact, during the packaging cycle it’s possible to unload and load up the second chamber, increasing productivity; All thanks to an ultra-reliable and easy-to-operate machine.

This machine has the functionalities to pack food in sealing, modified atmosphere and Skin packaging.


Automatic film-feed

Hmi siemens 4”

Festo pneumatic with special treatment for high temperatures

Rotating aluminium table machined from solid, complete with double mould

63mc/h busch vacuum pump

Custom toolings complete with the whole chamber:
     Interchangeability with athena
     Quick-release tooling < 3 minutes
     Sealing / vacuum/gas / skin
     Inside cut / easy peel

Waterproof electrical cabinet to resist in the most severe environments


Automatic trays lifting

Motorized rotating table

Photocell for printed film

Red pump for oxygen > 21%

Liquid/powder filter