If you strictly require Standup Pouches for the packaging of your high-quality products, then Doypack-360 is your clear choice!

VELTEKO engineers’ purpose-designed the Standup Pouch-360 to achieve the best price/performance ratio for the Forming, Filling and Sealing of the Doypack bags format from Pre-Printed Roll stock with On-Line Zipper attachment system.

The VELTEKO DOYPACK-360 construction utilizes the highest quality materials, brand name OEM components, precise European Manufacturing to ensure extremely high reliability and an extra-long service life. Finally, an economical VFFS packaging machine that is specifically engineered for packaging STANDUP POUCH with Zipper from Roll Stock.


1 Machine for more than 16 variants of DOYPACK bags

Max cross seal width 280 mm

Stainless-steel machine frame

Automatic film centering

Technical Data

Operating modeIntermittent
Max. speedup to 60 bags/min.
Max. width of bag360 mm
Max. dose volumeup to 4l
Max. width of foil roll800 mm
Dimensions2.132 x 2.647 x 2.050 mm

Bag Types

 Width (mm)Length (mm)
3side sealed bag60-36060-360