SLIM-210 series of compact vertical packaging machines is specially designed for packaging snacks and small- pieced products into pillow bags. It delivers the highest possibility of optimizing all necessary conditions for creating high-quality seals at high speed.

Sophisticated servo-driven motion control of the simultaneous cross sealing jaws allows maximum sealing time at high speed. The unique sealing mechanism exerts the necessary force to achieve perfect seals with a wide range of films.

SLIM-210 series comes with all proven VELTEKO high-end technologies increasing your manufacturing efficiency. Industrial PC with 15” color touch screen and intuitive interface, Online production, and data management.


750 mm machine width

Maximum speed up to 200 bags / min

Max cross seal width 210 mm

Robust stainless-steel construction

Automatic film centering

Technical Data

Operating modeContinuous
Max. speedup to 200 bags/min.
Max. width of bag210 mm
Max. dose volumeup to 2l
Max. width of foil roll440 mm
Dimensions750 x 2.507 x 1.600 mm

Bag Types

 Width (mm)Length (mm)
Pillow bag57-21080-350