VERSATILE-280 is the smallest machine from the VELTEKO VERSATILE series of variable vertical packaging machines. The versatility of those VFFS machines brings the ability to quickly respond to the changing demands and challenges of the market. One vertical packaging machine can create more than 100 bag types (Pillow bag, Doypack, Quad seal bags, …). The efficient, modular construction allows quick and extremely easy changeovers between different types of bags. The changeover from Pillow Bag to DOYPACK can be carried out within 5 - 45 minutes.

VERSATILE-280 vertical packaging machine can be equipped with a VELTEKO “Streamline ultrasonic technology". It is a completely new solution for the ultrasonic sealing of the longitudinal edges of standup pouches and bags with sealed edges. It's the ideal solution for packaging large pieced and fragile products.

VERSATILE-280 vertical packaging machine comes with high-end technologies increasing your manufacturing efficiency. Industrial PC with 15” color touch screen and intuitive interface, Online production, and data management.


1 Machine for more than 100 different bag types

5–45 min changeover to different bag type

Maximum speed up to 200 bags/min

Max cross seal width 280 mm

Stainless-steel machine frame

Technical Data

Operating modeIntermittentContinuous
Max. speedup to 120 bags/min.up to 200 bags/min.
Max. width of bag280 mm
Max. dose volumeup to 5 l
Max. width of foil roll650 mm
Dimensions1.258 x 2.629 x 1.610 mm

Bag Types

 Width (mm)Length (mm)
Pillow bag27-28060-350
Gusseted bag30-23060-300
Flat bottom bag30-23060-280
Corner creased bag30-23060-230
Quad seal bag44-18060-280
3side sealed bag60-25060-230