Vertical form fill and seal machine

"The vertical packaging machine experts"

VELTEKO is a European manufacturer of one of the world’s most versatile packaging machines and packaging lines. Ever since VELTEKO manufactured their first vertical packaging machine in the early 1990s, they have remained exclusively focused on perfecting the vertical packaging machine process through continuous innovation and development.

VELTEKO vertical packaging machines are proactively engineered, so each individul customer is provided with a high-tech, high performance, and reliable packaging solution customized for their individual needs.

Why VELTEKO Machines?

Own research and development


The Power of Versatility

Reliability and long service life

Our Models

VERSATILE-360 Series

One machine for your current and future needs.


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VERSATILE-280 Series

Engineered to your individual needs.


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SLIM-210 Series

Compact, high-speed vertical bagger.


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DOYPACK-360 Series

Engineered to your individual needs.


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